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Even though healthy relationships are the single most important factor in determining our Happiness, we are still taught very little about this most essential of subjects.

Hence at Love Coaching, our Mission is to create a more Relationship and Sex-positive culture, by supporting all people to create more conscious, sustainable and succulent relationships, through quality and fun education, coaching and counselling. We respect and welcome people of all sexualities and philosophies.. including folk from the poly, kink and GLBTIQ communities. 
Relationships are like Cars: they need regular upkeep to keep them ticking on and getting you where you want to go. And Prevention is always easier and cheaper than Cure. Learn the essential skills  to solve conflicts, plan  together,  and co-create a succulent life together. 
At LoveCoaching we explore many issues with you with strict confidentiality, open-mindedness and practical solutions.  Anything from orgasm issues, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, to how to make things more juicy in the bedroom. 
Whenever we experience hurt or pain, we often trap emotions within us and create a protective wall to stop further distress. This can cause depression, disconnection from others, and even heart disease. 
Using the Emotion Code, this 'heart-wall' can easily be removed, one emotion at a time, freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. 
Have you had a NDE - Near Death Experience?  Usually it can be difficult to find someone non-judgemental to talk to who can help you make sense of what you experienced. The whole thing can be so confusing and yet so profound, that talking it through with someone who deeply understands you, can make it so much easier to integrate it into your new life.  
Anger is a normal emotion which we all experience from time to time. Situations in life can at times be upsetting, stressful or frustrating, and anger is a common emotional reaction to these situations. But it is the way in which you choose to handle your anger that is important if you wish to have happy relationships, and lead a balanced and fulfilling life. Releasing trapped emotions  and CBT are useful.
Do you feel anxious or unsure with dating, meeting new partners, or anything to do with kissing, foreplay or making love? Some people need just some basic biology, or  how to communicate more effectively.
​But others have some background anxiety or trauma that needs healing. The Emotion Code is an incredible way to get you in touch with what is holding you back and clear it up forever.

PLEASE NOTE - Frances Amaroux is a volunteer with VivaGaia Foundation - and all proceeds of Counselling/Coaching are donated to that enterprise to be used for their various Community Services.
BOOK A SESSION - As well as Face to Face sessions, we also do Skype, Zoom and Phone sessions. 
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COST - $120ph for Solo
and $150ph for Couples

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Sessions are face-to-face in Bellingen, NSW. Though Zoom/phone sessions are also available.

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"We both also wanted to pass on a big thank-you for your support throughout 2015. Attending counselling together has been probably one of the best choices we could have made as a couple. We are stronger, happier and communicate in more healthy ways than ever before."
B.K 2005
"Frances, you helped me out in the most trying time of my life, you were God sent.  You allowed me to express a lot of suppressed feelings that I desperately needed someone to listen to.  I learnt new techniques and was able to apply them in certain situations.  You gave me new ideas and referred me to valuable resources."
 J.K.  2002
"I am so grateful for your counsel, support, and empathy. But most of all I am in profound gratitude for your compassion of my human experience. What a rare and precious jewel it is to find these qualities in another."  
​JB 2014
"One day I had enough of having short and not lasting love relationships, and so I was looking for relationship counselor. Even, if I live in Switzerland, I wanted to work with Frances - I was literally drawn to her and the time difference didn’t matter. We worked together for 2 years. It were 2 years of deep, meaningful and life changing work. Frances supported me in every topic I had to solve and clear: no matter if it was about love and relationship, communication, or emotion code and NLP technics were needed. Especially, I appreciate our trustful bond to each other during this time. 

Frances helped me to go through a very painful relationship with a narcissist. She guided me step by step and as a result self confidence and self love showed up. 
Now, I’m in a thriving relationship full of love, respect, joy and happiness. The only possibility to meet this person was to go through a change. And here I have to say - THANK YOU Frances! "
Warm regards, J - Nov 2023